Summer and the overworked Mom

Ah summer.  Your kids are home and everything you love to do is put on the back burner.  It is kind of identity crisis really.  You are running all around town keeping your kids entertained .  I have news for all you Moms…you are still you.  Do not get caught up in  your kids activities and forget about you.  You can still look put together in the summer heat with the kids yelling in the back seat.  My favorite way to look a little trendy and still stay cool?   A flowing sleeveless sundress. Add a cute pair of flat sandals and one bright (or intriguing) accessory and you are back to feeling like yourself.  You can find dresses and accessories anywhere on sale. Right now.  I have seen dresses for as little as $7 in Old Navy and H&M.  The accessories can be found at

flea markets and craft fairs at affordable prices.  So don’t let your kids eat away at your identity.  Feel cool in more ways than one and purchase a few sundresses. How do you look cool in the summer?

Brighten my life

Black is not a color. I know what you are all thinking, black is slimming. You may be right but color is beautiful. Look at the corals in the picture above. When they come into a room people notice. Color helps you go from drab to fab. You can start slow. A shirt with color, a bright belt around your waist, colorful bangles, or a big bright handbag. Build your wardrobe with a few pieces at a time. You are colorful Mom! Let it shine!

Why Mom?


Calling all Mom’s out there…take pride in your appearance. I see so many pairs of yoga pants with big oversized shirts on the Moms in my area. Guess what? You are not fooling anyone. We know you are not slaving away at the gym all day! So why wear the gym outfits around town? It is so easy to dress up a causal look. Accessories! A bright necklace or pair of earrings can liven up any look. Trade in the sneakers for a cute pair of colorful (comfortable) flats. Like yoga pants? Try a pair of stretch skinny jeans . You can do all of this styling on an budget. Check out H&M for clothing & accessories. Old Navy has affordable colorful skinny jeans. Forever 21 you can find accessories under $5. We have no excuses! Now go pick up your child in style!!!

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